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Did Half-Life 3 Pop up on SteamDB? No, not really.

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The other day there was buzz about certain listings being added to SteamDB. Among many was Half-Life 3. Supposedly.

Did Half-Life 3 Pop up on SteamDB? No, not really.

Check out the full list of titles leaked on PasteBin and decide for yourself what may be coming to Steam. Interesting titles include Danganronpa and Journey.

There’s also the actual Half-Life 3 listing itself, witness it with your own eyes!

Unfortunately though, it’s very likely that this is fake. For a start, ‘Half-Life’ is always spelt with a hyphen, and this listening is missing that.


For now I’d say be cautious of any Half-Life 3 “news” popping up in the coming days.

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