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New Half-Life Fan Film ‘Lambda’ Announced

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A new live action Half-Life fan film is in the works.

‘Lambda’ by Dark Pulse Productions follows the story of a character known as Dominic Ryan, a resistance fighter who teams up with Barney Calhoun and Alyx Vance from Half-Life 2 in an attempt to rebel the Combine forces currently dominating the earth. The story itself is supposedly set a few days prior to the events of the game when Gordon Freeman is still in stasis, although it will also tie into the events beyond Gordon’s awakening from Point Insertion, up to The Uprising.

New Half-Life Fan Film ‘Lambda’ Announced

The film is being directed by Connor A. Botts but has a team of around 40 people including actors for the roles of Barney, Alyx, Dr. Breen and The Gman, although the cast has not yet been announced. It is set to be around 30-60 minutes in length and has a budget of $6000, although a Kickstarter campaign will be made to provide additional funding.

The film will be shown at several film festivals before eventually being released on YouTube for free. They currently have a Twitter and Facebook page and a website is due to come online shortly.

You can check out some of Connor’s previous work on his YouTube channel, which features a few other video game related shorts including Fallout, WatchDogs, Stalker and even a few about Half-Life.

Connor also recently uploaded an update video where he explains more of the films details.

Update: Connor kindly shared some more exclusive information with us about the film and talked about the different aspects of the story that Lambda will focus on:

  • The film we feature Gordon Freeman in a full HEV suit.
  • It will include a 3D CGI model of Gianpietro Fabre’s Combine APC used in ‘I’m The Freeman‘.
  • The story of the film will see the lead character Dominic Ryan meet Freeman in Nova Prospekt.

In Lambda, we want to show things that we believe the game didn’t touch upon, such as how truly unforgiving and brutal the combine where. In this film we really want to show all the emotions and feelings Dominic goes through. How he feels during battle, how he feels being tortured Nova Prospekt, etc.

– Connor Botts, Director

In the meantime check out some of the posers that they have released:

image image

jpeg jpeg-1

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