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After Seven Years, The Journey of Freeman’s Mind is Complete!

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Freeman’s Mind is a long-running machinima comedy series which reveals the inner thoughts of Half-Life’s protagonist throughout the original game. After sixty-eight episodes the series has reached its much anticipated conclusion.

After Seven Years, The Journey of Freeman’s Mind is Complete!

The journey to completing Freeman’s Mind has been almost as challenging and troubled as the one depicted in the series. Since the first episode was released over seven years ago, creator Ross Scott has had to overcome huge technical problems and a long legal dispute with the Machinima network. Somewhat ironically, the series inception was intended as a way for Ross to produce videos more quickly than was possible with his other series, Civil Protection.

Despite the often lengthy wait for new episodes the show has remained popular, perhaps due to the unique blend of satire of gaming tropes with intelligent references and realistic reactions to the often-inconceivable world of Black Mesa. Contrary to Valve’s intended depiction of Freeman as the selfless silent hero, Ross’ Gordon is a self-obsessed, neurotic drug-addict who wants nothing more than to get out of Black Mesa alive, and profit from the situation if he can.

"Sometimes I think it's so awesome being me that the universe has to turn to complete s*** to cope with it!" - Gordon Freeman

“Sometimes I think it’s so awesome being me that the universe has to turn to complete s*** to cope with it!” – Gordon Freeman


Many fans have grown up with Freeman’s Mind and it has even inspired spin-offs set in other Valve games. But all good things, even machinima series, must come to an end. Following a successful fundraiser campaign in early 2014, Ross promised to complete the series before the end of the year, even going so far as to bet against fans who doubted him. With Freeman arriving on Xen in November the stage was set for the final showdown. How would Gordon react to defeating the Nihilanth and meeting the G-Man?

Without further ado, here’s the final episode, complete with some special bonus features:


Congratulations to Ross Scott for completing the series; here’s to plenty more videos in the New Year!


  1. Here’s an update on what’s next for Accursed Farms:

    In short, there won’t be any more Freeman or Civil Protection for the foreseeable future, but there are lots more projects he’s working on.

  2. Nicely written article. Ross did a terrific job.

  3. I can’t believe it actually reached a conclusion. Back at the beginning I NEVER once considered this series could get through the entire Half Life.

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