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No More Room in Hell 1.08 Released

Modding & Development Source

The once Source mod, now Greenlit game “No More Room in Hell” has just recently released version 1.08.

Changes in this version include the FN FAL weapon, the highly demanded suicides by gun shots, two new official objective maps, two community maps, difficulty levels and new player spawning.

The full changelog can be viewed here, along with a quick overview on the official site. If you’d rather not read more text, the official trailer is above for your convenience.

Being a QA (quality assurance) tester for the game, I’ve been able to get in behind the scenes on a lot of things. I wanted to show just what goes on, so I asked developer Riley what they think of the 1.08 update:

The game has went from a simple 800mb .zip installation with only 4 maps, 1 gamemode, 4 characters, and around 20 weapons, to a 4 gig behemoth with 18 maps, 2 gamemodes, difficulty levels, 8 player characters, 35+ weapons, and so on. It’s definitely a far cry to what it used to be before, and we try to keep the community in mind when we make our patches.

We’re happy that our community’s still around, and that we’ll do our best to keep them entertained with future updates. We do all of this out of our own pocket, and for free, so we hope that this new update will help introduce new players, or bring back those who were initially turned off by the punishing gameplay of 1.07’s release.

If there’s anything wrong with the game, please let us know on our forums. We appreciate constructive feedback as a whole, and if one of us says something completely boneheaded, try to ignore it. We goof up at times because we’re gamers, just like you.

No More Room in Hell started out as a troubled source mod in 2003. It initially had high expectations of including large environments and realistic gameplay when in development. Over time the title has changed, and its first real release was on October 31, 2011, after it was rebooted by new team members. The mod slowly turned into a full blown game when it came to Steam on October 31, 2013. After the Steam release, the free title has enjoyed countless updates, such as the one just released.


Besides the 1.08 update, the other significant adjustment has to be the switch from the older 2007 Source SDK branch, to the then new 2013 branch. No More Room in Hell was the first third-party title to use the new branch, and was a requirement for its Steam release.

Like I said before, I have been a QA tester for a little over a year now. It’s reassuring to see how far No More Room in Hell has come in that time span. While not as graphically up to date as Valve’s titles, it’s certainly refreshing to see how much you can get for free compared to paid titles such as Contagion.


Do you play No More Room in Hell? If so, how often and what improvements do you think can be made?

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