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Ahoy Mates! Join the Crew of Pirates, Vikings and Knights!

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It’s no secret that I am terrible at multiplayer games. Whether it’s Counter-Strike or Team Fortress, I’m often that noob at the bottom of the scoreboard, so it should be no surprise that I stick to the single player side of modding. I occasionally make an exception to that rule though, and I’m glad I did for this mod – because Pirates, Vikings and Knights II is a lot of fun.

Ahoy Mates! Join the Crew of Pirates, Vikings and Knights!

As you might have gathered from the rather ridiculous title, PVKII is a team-based multiplayer FPS where pirates, vikings and knights battle it out over various objective types. Combat is usually focused on melee encounters between teams, and can often be hilarious. Of course ranged weapons are also available, from the traditional archer class to the Pirate Captain’s deadly parrot attack. Gamemodes include a mad dash to capture all the booty-laden treasure chests in a map and more traditional fights for Territory control. These battles are all supported by vibrant and detailed environments which allow for a variety of tactics.

The mod has been around for quite a while as the sequel to a similar GoldSrc mod, and has been on Steam since 2008. What leads us to feature it now is the release of a new update, the “2.6 Map Update” which the development team hope will reinvigorate Pirates, Vikings and Knights like a good bottle of grog. The update introduces a new map to the official roster, Fort, which hosts the “Trinket Wars” gamemode, as well as a range of other gameplay and visual enhancements. Check out the trailer below:

What the mod needs far more than updates though is an influx of new players. Sadly, the majority of servers sitting dormant is a common sight. The team hopes that the 2.6 update will convince a new wave of scoundrels, pillagers and noble warriors to join the crew – oh and they’d like some developers too! I for one am ready for my next fight against those foul vikings. Anchors aweigh!

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Yarr! Thanks to Riccardo aka Oktober for the heads-up!


  1. Will be looking to play this!

    Yarr mi arties!

  2. Commenter AvatarAaron "Pirate" PettitNovember 3rd 2013 at 10:41pm

    I have a new hard drive and way too much time on my hands. I think I will take this opportunity to redownload, and relearn, this awesome game. I don’t have the patience for , and my only other online game is a very serious, one-life per match affair. I need a game that’s cheerful, hilarious, and easy to jump into and out of for a few matches. Also, I know Micah, and you guys have a great dev team.

    See you on the battlefield. Go pirates!

  3. That moment where I, and most likely a shitload of other people, realize this mod (still?) exists.

    • Yes it has been around for a while, I think the biggest issue they’re having is attracting new players.

      • Hi guys,

        Colonel Sanders here! I am an Environmental Artist for the game. Thanks for your support. We believe that if we can rally more developers we’ll be able to produce more content and ship out more updates to the public more often. More devs = more updates = more press = more players = more devs = more updates = more… equals you get what I mean ha! Right now we are in need of a committed prop modelers, texture artists, and ideally some animators with great Source engine experience.

        Be sure to stay tuned for info regarding the next update which will most certainly be our game on the Source SDK 2013 Engine. Our coders, mappers, and testers are hard at work. Steampipe will allow us to provide the public with more 2013 engine updates, but the more developers we have the better the quantity and quality of the content.

        Thank you LG & Oktober,
        We’ll slay ye dinahs later 😀

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