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The Many Faces of Half-Life: Uplink

Modding & Development Half-Life

The original Half-Life’s hype train first started rolling when an early demo of the first few chapters of the game, known as “Half-Life: Day One”, only meant for distribution with graphics cards, was leaked to the internet.

Immediately, gamers got fired up, and eventually, the game was released in November 1998.

However, there is another demo, an official one this time, not too many people remember. Released after the official game, Half-Life: Uplink is an underrated demo featuring some great levels that didn’t make it in the final game.

The Many Faces of Half-Life: Uplink

While you can still download the original demo (and Day One also), it does have some issues running on modern systems, just like the WON version of Half-Life (which is why Valve should fix Blue Shift and the HD Pack already, so I don’t have to juggle WON and Steam, and some unofficial mods around whenever I want to play).

Which is just why several modders have made several versions of the 1999 classic.

SteamLink by Ryan Finnie

SteamLink is a version of Uplink designed specifically to work with Steam. It contains all the original files, no HL files are modified in any way, and it features some nostalgic loading and menu screens.

It’s compatible with PHL’s fixed HD Pack (which has a no-tongue Barney, thus proving Murphy’s Law, again), and I strongly recommend it.

Uplink Lite by Jason Stephens

Uplink Lite is a bit more interesting. It’s an attempt at making an easy to download, install and use package of Uplink, that can be easily mounted on the retail game. It only includes the maps themselves and some other files. A retail version of HL is required, and installation is easy. It should work on Steam, but I haven’t tested it. Check it out if you ever need to access Uplink in a hurry, from HL1 itself.

There’s also a version of it called “Uplink Lite Plus”. I have no idea what it is, but I’ve put the DL link in there as well.

Uplink Addon by Werner Spahl

Uplink Addon is even more interesting.

Rather than turn Uplink into a HL mod, or a series of HL maps, it puts Uplink in the game itself, seamlessly.

Sadly, the nighttime period does mess around with HL1’s continuity.

Uplink Addon also adds a few other things to the game itself. I’ll leave them as surprises.

Definitely check this out. May have problems with Steam, but DEFINITELY worth your time.

Uplink Extended

I saved the best for last!

Uplink Extended is a remake of the original. It looks at the original maps and fixes some mapping errors and inconsistencies, and it extends the ending. I won’t spoil that either.

It works on Steam, so check it out immediately, cause this is amazing!

And that’s about all of em. Hope you enjoy them, folks!


  1. Whatever you do, DON’T download Uplink Addon! It breaks the game. IDK about the WON version, but the “problems with Steam” break the elevator at the start of Uplink, and if you noclip to reach the end, you die in the broken level transition back to the main game! There’s no way to finish it afterwards. This also happens on Xash3D so I’m guessing it happens on WON.

  2. I just played Uplink Extended. Pretty cool how they extended it a bit more, but it was a bit shorter than I had expected for an extended edition.

    • Meh, it’s still quite interesting. The little map fixes here and there are what’s really interesting. Seeing Barney reload after exactly 17 shots was oddly amazing.

      Also, thanks Oguzhan.

  3. Good post!

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