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Half-Life RTS Lambda Wars Hits Steam

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So far, the adventures of Gordon Freeman have always been told from a first-person perspective (and should probably stay that way). But the Half-Life universe is full of opportunities, and who could pass on the chance of taking a bird’s eye view to command an army of resistance fighters or order a barrage of headcrab shells? Lambda Wars is a real time strategy game that makes all this possible.

Half-Life RTS Lambda Wars Hits Steam

Previously known as Half-Life 2: Wars, the mod has been in development since 2007 and transforms the Source engine into a streamlined RTS utilizing Half-Life 2’s environments and characters. Lambda Wars was Greenlit earlier this year and has now been released as a completely free, stand-alone mod on Steam.

The release, which is still described as a beta, also brings a host of new improvements thanks to Steamworks integration and the use of the Alien Swarm engine, providing a redesigned UI and matchmaking system.

The mod still has a few rough edges but it looks great and plays well. The straightforward gameplay and simple tutorial mode make it easy to pick up, even for RTS newbies. Whilst built primarily for multiplayer matches, singleplayer gamers are still catered to with a few specially designed missions as well as AI skirmishes. There’s really no reason not to grab the download from Steam and jump right in!

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