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What Became Of The HL3 Protest?

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A week ago, two brave Half-Life fans committed the ultimate sacrifice – they decided to spend two days they could have spent playing Half-Life, picketing outside of Valve. These brave heroes endured 48 hours in the scorching Bellevue sun, knowing that inside the building that lay in front of them, Valve employees could be talking about, developing, or, god forbid, play-testing Half-Life 3.

But what happened when Gabe came along and spoke with the protesters? What did he tell them? Did we ever see them again?

What Became Of The HL3 Protest?

Well, obviously we did see them, but let’s move on. Gabe Newell spoke to Kotaku about this little protest, which may or may not be Valve’s very first.

“They wanted to know when Episode Three was coming out, I said ‘I can’t tell you.’ And they were, like, ‘OK…’”

Had the quest ended this soon?

“We asked them how many sodas they had, they only had two, so we sent them some sodas and some pizza.” The group also got a tour of Valve’s offices and some hands-on time with Dota 2. “We needed people to test,” he explained.

Impossible! With pizza and Dota 2, one’s quest is never really over! Or, at least that’s what Dota’s secret merchant would say. What does a hero truly need? “That is for you to decide”, you say? Nonsense! Pizza and Dota 2 is what anyone truly needs, and the merchant knows that well.

But wait! There’s more!

“We were worried. The cops showed up after someone else in the building called the police. He rode up on his Segway, but it turns out [the cop] was a big Half-Life fan. So he completely understood where they were coming from and didn’t chase them off.”

That’s… I don’t even know what to say. I think that’s the most awesome thing I’ve ever heard. Shame the cop didn’t join in afterwards. Hell, shame the whole thing ended. Imagine if this was an annual thing. August rolls around, we all gather in front of Valve and protest peacefully. With pizza (No littering, of course. We’re Half-Life fans, not Call of Duty fans). I’ve been hearing a lot of people wondering why we don’t have a ValveCon. I ask – do you really need a ValveCon when you could have ValveProtestCon?

For more about day 2 of the protest, head over to this Reddit post, actually made by one of the protesters! There’s more pictures as well.


  1. “No littering, of course. We’re Half-Life fans, not Call of Duty fans.”

  2. Gabe is so cool,i mean pizza and dota 2 with game? thats every guys dream,he just takes these protesters which most people would be anooyed with,and let them test dota 2 and pizza,and that cop is epic to,gabe is just cool.

  3. Gabe is awesome 🙂

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