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“Water: The Magical Mermaid Adventure” Released

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The Half-Life 2 Short Stories crew, which you might know from their excellent episodic mod series “Human Error” (first episode came out in mid-2010, second one is missing in action, and we aren’t even going to talk about episode three), have been hard at work on their newest mod, “Water: The Magical Mermaid Adventure”, which they announced back in December of 2010. Developed in conjunction with the developers of the superb Research & Development, and the incredible Flesh, Water was finally released today.

It’s an adventure game (though not a point-and-click game, obviously) in which you play as Water, a mermaid (you’ll be pleased to know that she does have tittays after all) who travels to a town populated by fish people “who aren’t fish people”, which presumably means they’re Terminator-esque robots disguised as fish people. Yes, I am joking – the team have been remarkably silent about the mod’s story and gameplay, which is something I really, really appreciate.

“Water: The Magical Mermaid Adventure” Released

In fact, this is all you need to know about Water:

  • It’s one hundred percent magic
  • It’s one hundred percent realistic mermaid simulator
  • There will be puzzles
  • There will be music
  • There will be fish people and crabs and tacos

But maybe you’re not satisfied? Here’s the release trailer:

Lovely. What, you’re still not satisfied? Here’s a bunch of screenshots from its ModDB page. Well, what do you think? Because I know what I think, and I hope you’re thinking it as well – this mod is kick-ass! I’m downloading it, and I strongly suggest that you download it as well. Here’s the installation instructions, in case your folder-scavenging skills have gotten a bit rusty:

To play Water either use the installer or unpack the .zip file to SourceMods so that the mod folder is called “water”. You will have to have Source SDK Base 2007 installed on your Steam account. You can install Source SDK Base 2007 by accessing the Tools section in your Games Library. You need to have a Source engine game like Half-Life 2, Counter-Strike Source, or Portal to have Source SDK Base 2007 available.

The ModDB download is not up yet, but you can download it from the HL2SS site in either .zip or .exe form.


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