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VGA Organizer Geoff Keighley Remarkably Silent About The Possibility Of A Half-Life 3 Reveal At The VGA’s?

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I don’t mean to feed the fire of rumor with kerosene and other perilously flammable materials, but I have to admit, this is pretty interesting. Read on!

VGA Organizer Geoff Keighley Remarkably Silent About The Possibility Of A Half-Life 3 Reveal At The VGA’s?

Niamor is a Twitter user. Coincidentally, he’s a pretty big Half-Life fan. It so happens that he asked Geoff Keighley (organizer of the Spike TV Video Game Awards) exactly 8 separate times if Valve would be making any kind of announcement at the VGA’s. Eight times. And Geoff Keighley is very active on his Twitter – he responds to a LOAD of tweets. But he didn’t respond to any of Niamor’s 8 Half-Life-related tweets. At all. Instead, when Niamor instead asked him… about the possibility of Medal of Honor 2 being revealed at the VGA’s, Geoff instead responded incredibly fast with a sound “No”. Then Naimor asks again, and guess what? Geoff goes silent again. The thing is he has also answered questions on whether or not Tomb Raider would be shown off at the VGA’s, and he’s answered tons of other questions about what we’ll be seeing at the VGA’s. But he seems to be ignoring Niamor’s Half-Life questions, on purpose.

Now, I know most of you are going to say: “Well, he doesn’t want to say ‘no’ and make those people not watch the VGA’s”. And that’s a good point. But you have to understand that even if he said no, most of those people would STILL watch the VGA’s, nonetheless. Just as the people who are going to watch them, regardless of the absence of a Medal of Honor 2 reveal (let’s not forget that unlike Half-Life, MoH actually has active market value, and sold surprisingly well last year), or the absence of more Tomb Raider gameplay. Worst case scenario, the VGA’s would lose a maximum of… a hundred people, who were going to watch it online anyway, and not live on TV. But… maybe he has a particular reason for staying silent.

So what do I think? I don’t think anything at this particular moment in time. All I know is that I’m going to be watching the VGA’s with great interest. And maybe Geoff Keighley is going to make a few extra monies. But does it really matter, now?

Still, I encourage you all to heed my previous pieces of advice: stay calm, keep some salt next to you at all times when reading these articles, and most importantly, do NOT make any bets. You might get carried away and then, on the 10th of December, you’ll have to do some disturbing something-or-other for some mysterious lady you met online. Depending on your sexual likings, you might stand to win more than you initially expected. But you’re still not going to get Half-Life 3.


  1. I’m trying not to get too excited about tomorrow, but it’s impossible with all these rumors buzzing everywhere.
    I seriously doubt it would be another DLC to Portal 2 or a release date announcement to CS:GO.
    But them showing up with Stephen Merchant could also be just them showing up for the rewards they won for Portal 2.

    But omg it’s Half-life, if there is even the slightest possibility of news about it I can’t help but get a little secretly psyched up!!
    If there is no announcements, I’ll probably go curse each and every one of those rumor sites for believing them again, shed my fan-boy tears, then have my own private HL marathon this weekend.

  2. You’re killing me, man.

  3. need a chatroom to chat with about atleast 10 people :P(possibly valve fans). anyone know any chatroom tha mostlikey will watch vga?
    remember it was fun to watch gdc in the first portal args irc

  4. Grain of salt in hand, cautiously optimistic.

    But anyways, thank you Vic for taking this rumor and also saying something interesting about it.

  5. I don’t think that Valve wants to announce Half-life 3 via the VGA’s. So i think they only reveal there will be a new DLC for Portal 2 (maybe a single player dlc). And maybe a release date for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

  6. Valve spent their TF2 hat profits bribing him to stay silent for the sake of trolling fans instead of actually using it to start making Half-Life 3.

  7. Well as always, I hope the rumors turn out true, but if they don’t I guess I’ll just wait quietly again.

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