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Valve’s new DotA game to be announced tomorrow at Game Informer!

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For good or for worse, Valve is announcing their DotA reboot tomorrow.

Valve’s new DotA game to be announced tomorrow at Game Informer!

Any new game from Valve is a pretty big deal… and this will probably be a very big one.

In case you still don’t know, DotA is a RPG-RTS mod for Warcraft III.

IceFrog is the developer that has been maintaining it since 2005, and last year, he was hired by Valve.

While Jon st. John and a trademark filing let the cat out of the bag on it being DotA, tomorrow we’re getting the full announcement.

IceFrog posted a blog update on the DotA site saying this:

Hey guys, Game Informer dropped by the office last week to take a look at what I’ve been working on with the rest of the team over the last year.

They are going to post an article about it tomorrow on their website. I’ll give you guys a link to it as soon as it is published.

Looking forward to seeing what you guys think!

We’re… waiting.


  1. Steer clear of the Dota 2 SPUF forums, though.

    That place is basically just a large bridge.

  2. 🙁

  3. Now the TF2 Ingame Shop gots sence.. this is what its coming.

  4. Yes, the announcement is out. An article will come soon, please stand by. It’s a pretty big article, and we’re having problems with our source. We’d be really happy if you kept patient.


    (I’m very excited)

  6. This is why VALVe is delaying EP3. Grrr

  7. Game Informer
    They know way too much.

    • Perhaps that’s why their called Game ‘Informer’ =)
      Anyway, i’m not looking forward for this game… i mean seriously, Valve + rpg/rts ? Like there aren’t enough rpg’s out there already… Don’t get me wrong, i like rpg’s but Valve actually making one seems like a weird thing…

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