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Valve Unites Deus Ex With Team Fortress 2 In Major New Cross-Game Promotional Update

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It’s been a while since we had an all-out TF2 cross-game promo, with all-new attributes and plenty of items. Thankfully, Valve has come to the rescue, with a massive Deus Ex-themed update that we won’t soon forget.

Valve Unites Deus Ex With Team Fortress 2 In Major New Cross-Game Promotional Update

Let’s start off by reading the blog post:

Younger TF2 fans might not understand the significance of the upcoming game Deus Ex: Human Revolution. For those of you who weren’t around during gaming’s golden age, it’s the long-awaited sequel to the cult classic dystopian shooter Revolution X, starring and programmed by Aerosmith. You’ll once again play as Brad “The Deuce” Whitford. Part human Aerosmith bass player. Part robot. ALL trouble.

Just another example of Valve’s great humor? Or more? I see what you’re up to, Valve. And I know this is a covert reference to one of your secret projects! Stay on the lookout, guys, and remember what I said! Valve’s United Nations Blue Box, coming in 2013, bringing Revolution X, Ricochet 2, the fairy game, and Fart Cops straight to your desktop!

“Well, is there anything I can get now?” Yes. As of right now, you can Walk This Way if you Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing, because Janie (i.e. you) Has Got (i.e. can obtain) a Gun (i.e. eight new Deus Ex-themed TF2 items, FREE, by pre-ordering the Aerosmith game). The items are also available separately in the Mann Co. Store and through items drops and crafting.

Head to Deus Ex: Human Revolution’s Steam page and pre-order now. Then, as long as you’re Living on the Edge, flash your parents the Devil sign and rock over to Aerosmith’s official Facebook page. Don’t let the cops catch you! It’s dangerous!

Now to head over to the official update page. There’s 8 new items – 4 weapons and 4 cosmetic items. The first new weapon is the Machina, an all-new rifle for the Sniper. At full charge, the Machina does +15% damage per shot, and fires a round that will penetrate enemy players. The downsides? It can only be fired when zoomed, and fires tracer rounds that will let enemy players track you down.

The next new weapon is the Diamondback, a revolver for the Spy. It gains 1 critical hit shot for each building you destroy with your sapper, but it has a -15% damage penalty and does no critical hits. The next two weapons are something we’ve been waiting for. And we’ve been waiting for that for quite a while. Yes, folks. I’m talking about all-new weapons for the Engineer! First up is the Widowmaker, a shotgun that on hit, adds 100% of the damage you dealt, to your ammo. Not quite sure how that works. It also does not have to reload, but as a downside, it uses metal for ammo and it fires 60 units of ammo per shot.

Then comes the Short Circuit, a secondary weapon that seems to be another one of those gadgets the Engineer has under his glove. This is a cool idea, but it’s also a problem, because it may very well conflict with the Gunslinger. In any case, it fires an electrical field that damages players and projectiles. No reload is necessary, but it also uses metal for ammo, does no critical hits, and uses up 35 units of ammo for each shot.

The 4 cosmetic items are the Company Man, an all-class cap with the Sarif Industries logo on it; the Purity Fist, a Misc item that replaces the Heavy’s left arm with a giant robotic arm (Yes! Now the Heavy has truly become Gunther Hermann!); the Deus Specs, a pair of all-class sunglasses modelled after Human Revolution protagonist Adam Jensen’s shades; and the Nanobalaclava, a new ski-mask for the Spy.

Well, I definitely like this update! Only the Shogun Pack was quite as ambitious as this (speaking of the Shogun Pack, did a great interview with LaroLaro, the community contributor who created it, along with the Tankbuster pack for the Soldier, and the Pyro’s Homewrecker. Check it out!)!

This new update also brought some undocumented changes to the game – 5 new Unusual hat effects were added; there is now an unique crafting recipe for the Original; and quite more! You can find out more at the update’s page on the Official TF2 Wiki.

So, good work to Valve, and let’s hope the update is great! If you want to get these, you can wait for a random drop, craft them, buy them from the store, or pre-purchase Deus Ex: Human Revolution.


  1. i like tf2

  2. I care about hats 🙁

  3. “I wanted HL3. It gave me TF2 items.”

  4. I don’t care about TF2 items anymore.

    Vanilla FTW!

  5. My hats are augmented.

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