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Valve To Participate In White House’s Digital Learning Project

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The White House is set to unveil plans this Friday for a new research center that aims to introduce more digital learning to America’s education system. The research center, dubbed “Digital Promise” (Don’t be confused by the name, it’s not actually the name of an alternative rock band) will aid the development of learning software and games, as well as helping educators decide what to use. And the White House is smart enough to have chosen Valve to participate in this project. Read on!

Valve To Participate In White House’s Digital Learning Project

A number of businesses and organizations are supporting the project, including our very own Valve, who will be hosting a sort of competition for middle- and high-school students and teachers. Participants will be developing custom Portal levels “for classroom use”. Sounds pretty damn awesome, if you ask me.

Sure, we probably won’t be seeing results anywhere near as great as the ThinkingWithPortals Summer Mapping Initiative (in fact, we might not even end up seeing these maps ourselves), and, yes, Hammer will be involved, which means teachers will have to start thinking of non-offensive swearwords to teach their students if, or shall I say, when Hammer crashes. But nevermind me – it seems like a great initiative, and I’m glad, and quite frankly, pretty proud that Valve’s participating.

News comes via USA Today. Feature image taken from our very own Jeff’s “Valve: The Animated Series”.


  1. Yay! <3 Valve

  2. You lined up all these Alyx Vances to spell the F word.


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