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Valve Releases Death Toll Beta For L4D2, Full Cold Stream DLC Pack To Come Out “Around Halloween”

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Much like the announcement of Day of Defeat: Galactic Warfare, the release of the Death Toll beta from the upcoming Cold Stream DLC simply came out of nowhere.

Valve Releases Death Toll Beta For L4D2, Full Cold Stream DLC Pack To Come Out “Around Halloween”

Valve tells us it’s got a number of changes, made based on their internal testing. They’re giving us no hints on what these changes are, so we can play with “fresh eyes”. They might be talking about a fresh look on the game or they might mean actual fresh eyes. Hey, we know Valve is in a bit of organ problem at the moment, so if you’ve got a fresh eye or two handy, send them their way.

But there’s two questions Valve would like to address:

The most popular question these days is when will the complete Cold Stream DLC be released? We have been saying end of summer, but that looks to be slipping quickly by. At the current rate of testing, feedback, and updating we are looking at around Halloween.

Not bad. Glad to see someone else is delaying their content updates months at a time. Hey, people google “LambdaGeneration Time” for a reason!

The second most popular question, when is the next update to the Cold Stream Campaign? Soon. We have been working on some performance issues. Before we officially release a campaign it needs to hit some performance benchmarks and be able to keep a minimum number of frames per second throughout the campaign. We are close.

We also have a change to the finale that we want to get some more testing on. The change will come in a little rough at first and then we will clean it up if people prefer it over the current version.

I’m sure it won’t be as rough as the transition from Cold Stream I to Cold Stream II. Blargh. Error Mountain still gives me nightmares. In any case, Valve is also tinkering with Blood Harvest – they’ve modified the train collapse sequence to give the Infected some more elbow room for their spawning.

Here’s the blog post. Are you going to try out Death Toll? Let us know in the comments section.


  1. What in the world is Day of Defeat: Galactic Warfare? I must know 🙁

  2. hell yes!

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