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Valve registers DotA trademark

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Once voice actors let the cat out of the bag, Valve goes to work.

Valve just registered a DotA trademark two days ago. For more details, press dat button.

Valve registers DotA trademark

The trademark, named simply “DOTA”, is registered for Valve Software, and their office address.

No other details are given, except for the fact that it will be a videogame. What a surprise.

Looks like we are getting close to an announcement, folks.


  1. I can really see this happening, or destroy the company.

  2. Oh new trademark ,new game ? oh geez and nothing about ep3 yet .
    Lol maybe its new valve engine 😀

  3. I cant see Vaa game like this coming from Valve. I hope they can pull it off and make it great.

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