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Valve Planning Some Sort of Surprise Which Will Bridge Portal 1 and 2

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In Telegraph’s interview with Chet and Erik, which we just talked about in the previous article, they mentioned something rather curious.

Read on!

Valve Planning Some Sort of Surprise Which Will Bridge Portal 1 and 2

Would you consider elaborating on [the Ratman] in Portal 2?

Chet: We can’t really talk about that yet.

Erik: There’s some ancillary stuff outside the game coming up that will answer that.

It begins!

Now, anyone who’s been following Portal 2 since the beginning knows quite a few things about the plot. It’s been hundreds of years, the complex has gone to hell, but what we don’t have is details. What happened to the Ratman, and how long did he survive for after Portal 1’s ending? What have the Personality Cores been up to during the centuries between the two games?

All of these questions should be answered in the actual game itself… or will they?

Kotaku just spoke to Erik Wolpaw, who hinted at a surprise explaining a bit of the story of the interim time between Portal 1 and Portal 2. This will be released before the game, naturally.

“We’re actually going to release something that we’re not talking about yet that will give a little bit of the story of the interim time. We’re doing that before release.”

But what could it be?

Erik also spoke about the connection between Portal and Half-Life, which remains intact, even if the two franchises are being distanced from one another.

“Portal is after Half-Life 1 and before Half-Life 2. Without getting into it too much, Portal 2 is further down the line.”

So Portal really wasn’t set a few years after the events of HL2 and the Episodes. Oh, Game Informer.

For whatever reason, Erik didn’t want to talk about whether or not Portal 2 is set after the events of the Episodes. Of course, we already know it is set after HL2 and the Episodes, but for whatever reason, Kotaku didn’t. And for whatever reason, Erik didn’t confirm it. Strange.

Erik talked some more about the connections between the two series.

“We tried to keep as light a touch about it as we did in Portal 1. Fans of Half-Life will notice some things, but if you haven’t played Half-Life they’ll just kind of pass right by you. You’re not going to see Gordon tromping through the facility.”

He likened it to how the X-Files had an overarching plot but then also standalone episodes that were a little looser. “Aperture Science is kind of this fun-house of science, this bubble in the otherwise serious Half-Life universe.”

Very interesting.

We can’t wait to see what this surprise is. A demo? A comic? A video of some sort? Only Valve knows.


  1. Black Mesa: source! =/

  2. Maybe a standalone game named “Portal calls?”

  3. Can’t wait

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