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Valve Is Not Going To E3 2011

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Valve has been to almost every E3 event. The only ones they’ve missed are E3 2000, E3 2001, E3 2002 (although they were planning on revealing HL2 at E3 2002), and E3 2006.

Since 2007, they haven’t missed a single one.

Valve Is Not Going To E3 2011

Well, until now. Fans kept wondering why Valve still isn’t on the E3 exhibitor list. Dota 2’s playable, so surely they could show it off at E3? Perhaps it’s Half-Life time as well? Maybe they’ll be presenting Gunman Chronicles 2? Or Ricochet: Resurrection?

Alas, no. IceFrog, Dota 2’s lead developer, has confirmed that Dota 2 will not appear at this year’s E3 event, in a thread reply on the PlayDota forums, as E3 just isn’t the kind of venue for the game. It’s understandable – Dota 2 is a niche title in a niche genre. On top of that, it’s a PC-Mac exclusive, so journalists going to E3, which is a press-only event, probably wouldn’t be interested in it. Just to get final confirmation on whether or not Valve will be going to E3 this year, Steam Forum user Surfrock22 asked Marc Laidlaw, in this forum thread, if they’ll be attending the event. Marc’s answer was:

We won’t have any official presence or booth there, no.
They will, however, be attending Gamescom, which is not press-only. It’s open to everyone who has a ticket, so we can see why they’d want to show Dota 2 there. It’s a venue that allows them to show the title to the most important judges: the fans.

So… no Half-Life at E3. That’s a shame. But that’s no reason to give up hope. Valve might just announce something Half-Life related later in the year. In the words of Cave Johnson: “Let’s all stay positive and do some science.”

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  1. valve has become absolute garbage. gabe newell has ran that company into the ground. ive been waiting since sophomore year in highvschool for episode 3….i am now a sophomore in college.

    • Gabe has hardly run Valve into the ground. It’s a profitable company with almost 300 employees and numerous fans. Development time only means Valve has more time to make great games. They’ve been doing it since they first came about. I don’t think it’s a symptom of Valve becoming absolute garbage.

  2. i’m 99% it will be a surprise… hopefully not the one glados made

  3. See you at Gamescom, or some other Game convention? Pax?


  5. Dammit, Fellas!

  6. No Ep3/HL3…? D:

  7. I’m sure we can’t trust Marc’s word. Valve has always tried to surprise us at E3 (booking a booth under a different company, or something like that).

    I think if they want to surprise us, they obviously won’t tell us they’re going, even if that means not telling the truth.

    I’m hopefull we’ll see EP3 at E3.

  8. By “not going to E3” I’m sure they mean “making a surprise appearance with a surprise announcement of Episode 3,” right…?

  9. Well fuck!

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