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Valve Developer Community Wiki Upgraded

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If you’re a Source modder, odds are you’ve probably been to the Valve Developer Community more than once. The place is chock-full with great information, and while the SDK may not be as great as it used to be, the VDC is almost certainly just as excellent as it’s always been, thanks to its community of users and editors.

It’s just been given a makeover as part of a fairly significant site upgrade.

Valve Developer Community Wiki Upgraded

This is the latest of three major updates that have taken place in the site’s history. The most notable change is the new theme and look. There’s also numerous bug fixes and minor additions.

So if you’ve never been there before, or haven’t taken a look at the old place in a long while, you should definitely check it out.


  1. when is left 4 dead 3 coming out or is it not coming out,if it is coming out please give us…ur fans a coming out date or something.

  2. Great Wiki, really useful. I would really appreciate a SDK update (especially for Faceposer and its Windows 7 compatibility). Portal 2 brought some fixes to the SDK, but it could really need “some” more fixes.

  3. It’s good to see that Valve still cares about the modders, this might indicate that they would do fixes to the SDK in the future such as: faceposer support for Windows Vista/7, allow to create mods again for source 2009, replace hammer with a more recent editor etc, the site is much easier to read now and there’s finally protection against vandalism while still letting everyone edit.

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