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Valve at Toy Fair 2011

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The American Toy Fair 2011 ended a while ago.

But, guess who showed up?

Valve at Toy Fair 2011

Why, yes, Valve.

This small booth featured their classic plush toys, as well as Gaming Heads’ excellent statues and action figures.

Action figures, I hear you ask? “Gaming Heads has never made Valve action figures!”, I hear you exclaim. You’d be right, except apparently, now they do.

In this video, shot by Stephen Totilo from Kotaku, we can see what appears to be a Heavy action figure! It would appear there’s two variations: RED and BLU. We can’t tell if they’re articulated, but they have replaceable hands, which can be taken off and replaced with the KGB. It also comes with accessories! We can see the Shotgun and what seems to be the Natascha.  What about hats, you ask? Well, we could see was the Officer’s Ushanka, one of the Heavy’s hats.

In terms of statues, we also spotted a statue of the Smoker, from L4D2. It stands on a stone (well, it’s probably not real stone) base, its “Exclusive” accessory being L4D2’s Fire Axe.

We also saw what seems to be a statue or action figure of the Sentry Turret from Portal! It’s not fully painted, but it looks pretty great.

Totilo also talks about how he also saw sketches of other things Gaming Heads is working on, including a “very cool-looking Gordon Freeman”, which sounds really awesome!

As for older stuff, Valve’s plushes were also on display at the booth, as were Gaming Heads’ Soldier, Heavy, Tank and Headcrab Zombie statues.

Check out the video here:


  1. wheare to buy this portal turret ?

  2. cool wheare to buy this portal turret ?

  3. I want that portal turret 😀

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