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Valve And Overkill Games Working Together On “PAYDAY: Left 4 Dead”

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If you like video games, then I’m pretty sure you like “PAYDAY: The Heist” – even if you don’t know it yet. Released last year by Overkill Games, it’s a cooperative shooter that places you, along with 3 other friends, in a number of action-packed scenarios that all have one thing in common: killing officers of the law; and acquiring liquid capital. It was mostly an under-the-radar hit and the community can be really lame, but it’s definitely worth buying.

And apparently, we’ll be needing to get really acquainted with it in the near future. Read on!

Valve And Overkill Games Working Together On “PAYDAY: Left 4 Dead”

Following the emergence of a number of suspicious L4D-related hints in PAYDAY last week, Overkill Games have announced the development of an “in-depth collaboration” project between them and Valve Software, which they describe as a “very cool blend of PAYDAY and Left 4 Dead“.

Interestingly, the official announcement thread on the PAYDAY Steam forums has been named “PAYDAY: Left 4 Dead“, which seems to imply that the fruits of Valve and Overkill’s labor will most likely be released within PAYDAY itself. I definitely think they’d do just that, since it’s not Left 4 Dead that really needs attention- it is PAYDAY. But make no mistake – this is probably NOT a stand-alone new game release. Instead, it will most likely be free downloadable content (and as previously mentioned, it’ll probably be released for PAYDAY).

In addition, some fans have linked this project to a mysterious hospital-themed map found in PAYDAY’s game files, which may, as it turns out, be released… along with the upcoming PAYDAY DLC pack. Given that Overkill’s press release includes an odd mention of… a hospital, I think that’s actually pretty likely, considering that Left 4 Dead’s most memorable campaign: “No Mercy”, took place… in a hospital. Hey, I’m seeing a pattern here.

In any case, I am looking forward to playing this… well, whatever this may be, in any case. It’s always fun to see a different dev studio playing around with Valve’s gear in a different engine and fiction entirely. Maybe that’s what made the Potato Fools’ Day event such a blast from beginning to end. And perhaps this crossover project will remind us of those fine times, when potatoes were everywhere, bandwidth dwindled, and all-nighters were imperative.

Credit, and a round of applause to the mighty Piotr for the tip.

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  1. Does this mean we get L4D3? 🙂 One can only wish, I’m excited about this game, even though we don’t know what it is.

  2. I actually really enjoyed Payday online with other people, this should be really fun. Great article.

  3. This will be the most hilarious game I have ever played. It’ll will be like a Saints Row: Apocalypse or something.

  4. Not playing any Valve game (except the ones released) until HL3. Just got bored of being trolled. Not even Portal 3 or Left 4 Dead 3 or SOB 19 or whatever. I got bored. I’m resigned. Final decision. End of discussion.

    A customer who loves you btw, but hates the lack of attention to the HL community/franchise.

    • Here is the reality Sebastian, as much as we PC gamers (I have a $3000 PC build, but I was gifted an Xbox and ps3)like to think we’re the only ones that matter (which we are), there are other forms of gamers out there. We must accept that VALVe cannot only cater to us, they must cater to all 3 next gen consoles. Probably at this moment, they are figuring out how to incorporate the new controllers such as the razer, kinect, ps3 optics thing, and the Wii U. We must accept that HL3 isn’t going to be released on the current day consoles because the machines aren’t powerful enough. Hl3 will probably be an opening game for the new consoles, will run on source 2 and sell billions. This will benefit us all, because the more gamers who buy it, the more content there will be, the more value and investment will be put into it. Be patient, be realistic. Thanks,

      • Just game inputs? Also Razer is a companay, not a controller. If you mean the Hydra made by Razer, Source is already compatible with that. Also I’d like to think that Valve won’t delay the PC version of one of their games just so they can have a simultaneous multi-platform release. One more thing, and I’m sure it’s just a hyperbole, but a billion sales is 25 times that of the best selling unbundled game to date.

  5. I’m thinking they might tie the release of Cold Stream into this, which would explain its long delayed release.

    Also, I just got the CS:GO beta. Even on my 2 year old setup, it averages 20 FPS on maximum settings, and is one of the best looking games in terms of realism and visual aesthetic I’ve seen.

    • Age isn’t that much of a factor. My aunt has a 6 year old set up, but by building it to be the best it could be, it is now running games smoothly, even new releases, on an ram hungry win 7. It’s also 32 bit. Point being, hardware can be good after many years as long as in the time of buying you look to the future.

  6. I hated Payday.

  7. What kind of hospital is this?
    – Alyx Vance

    No, but seriously this looks cool. I hope, though, this isn’t just another Valve excuse to get out of Half Life 3…. 😐

  8. This sounds great. I guess it’s time to finally get PAYDAY

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