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UnKnown Moments 5 Released, After 2-Year Wait

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A very, very long time ago, in February of 2007, CaLeB (or, as he is now known… oxcjae) released a lovely little Garry’s Mod comedy video, UnKnown Moments. A crazy collection of all sorts of weird and surreal comedy sketches, UKM was a hit, and just half a year later, it got an even better sequel. But we had to wait one whole year for part 3. And another whole year for part 4. While we got some holiday-themed shorts during 2010, last year brought us absolutely zilch on the UKM front.

Well, you need wait no longer. Unless you haven’t actually been waiting for it, in which case… gah, screw it. UnKnown Moments 5 is finally here. All the classic in-jokes, running jokes, characters, and signature moments are back. Twice the length as well. It’s the last one of the series, so let’s take a look!

UnKnown Moments 5 Released, After 2-Year Wait

Well, without further ado, here it is:

What can I say? I loved it. I thought it was better than every single one of the series… combined. Shame it has to end, but at least it ended on a high note, with a great send-off. We wouldn’t want the UnKnown Moments series to become a bloated 23-season zombie monstrosity like The Simpsons.

Rest assured, oxcjae (I swear I can’t get used to that name – how do you even pronounce it?) is already hard at work on new, and, dare I say, fresher material, such as his “Half-Serious” series, which is a wee bit like Freeman’s Mind… except with a silent and substantially more deranged Gordon Freeman, and without the unbelievable length, the repetitivity and the weird jokes. Okay, so it doesn’t actually resemble it.. at all, but trust me, Half-Serious is hilarious. He’s already made several of these: here’s part 1, part 2, and part 3. I love them, perhaps more so than the UKM series.

It’s a shame Valve never made those Opposing Force and Blue Shift ports for the Source Engine – then we could have ragdoll hilarity in those as well. And Half-Life 2 and the Episodes don’t have any friendly fire, so yeah. I’d suggest moving on to Half-Life 3 instead, but… you know. In case Valve’s reading… whenever Half-Life 3 does come out (can’t believe I’m actually writing these kinds of sentences), how about giving us a completely optional friendly fire feature? Hidden away in the console. So we can have some good old-fashioned fun. Of course, by the time Half-Life 3 is out, god only knows what the term “old fashion” will denote, but… yeah. Maybe that’s what the delays are all about. Adding friendly fire… and… stuff.


  1. This machinima series relied on rap music WAY TOO MUCH, even though it tries to make tons of lyrical puns.

    The only “Crowning Moments of Funny” IMHO came whenever Eli Vance popped up out of nowhere and yelled “OH SHI-” before going up in a fiery explosion, taking everyone else in the vicinity with him.

  2. I actually play hl2dm with oxcjae on a server where we’re both admins. I loved his videos, and actually has a few videos of our server too. I’m actually shocked he has such a fan base to be put on lambdageneration! way to go, caleb!

  3. That video was about 10 minutes too long.

  4. Unfortunately and surprisingly blocked in Germany. Thanks, GEMA!

  5. I’ve never seen those before. I saw Idiots of Garry’s Mod, so that may have colored my perception.

  6. Watching these videos (at least the ones from 2007) is like stepping into a time machine. They never get old. Takes a lot of creativity to make something funny with HL1/OPF and BS. These nonsensical machinmas are always the best.

    The bit where the zombie flicks the light back on in part 2… hilarity. But I love the running jokes and the stories told with just music. The love triangle between Alyx, the pumpkin and the watermellon never gets old.

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who hears “Ahh… push it” when pushing the sample into the beam. I totally lawled when Coach pulled out the bigger box, the coach bit is the best part of 5.

    Thanks for sharing this Vic

  7. I’d have to say that while all those were humorous, the only bit that made me actually laugh out loud, was the “shot through the heart” bit.

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