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UnKnown Moments 5 Coming In 2011

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CaLeB’s finally coming back to his video-making hobby in a few months! Rejoice!

UnKnown Moments 5 Coming In 2011

Yep, after his rather long hiatus, CaLeB, who’s actually a poster on our forums, is finally coming back to video-making, and with quite the treat: UnKnown Moments 5 is coming in 2011! The fifth part in the series of videos that has had us laughing our asses off since February 17th, 2007, will be 10 minutes long, and will be followed by two big machinima’s.

And if any of you spot the fact that the video was posted in August, I will kill you.

His work is amazing, so we can’t wait for it!

Check out the original videos here.

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