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Two Years of LambdaGeneration

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Two Years of LambdaGeneration

Yes, that’s right – two years ago, on the 30th of July in 2010, LambdaGeneration went live, after a couple of months in development. Since then, we’ve been your number 1 stop for insightful and comprehensive reports on all Valve-related and community-related news.

Sure, some topics slip through our fingers every now and then, but we like to think that, in the long run, we more than make up for it, with diverse and interesting commentary on Valve’s activities, and on the Valve community’s creations. And we want to thank all of you for sticking with us, providing everyone with interesting discourse simply by commenting on our articles, and generally spreading the word. So it’s as much a happy birthday to us, as it is a happy birthday to you: the lifeblood of LambdaGen.

And this upcoming year will be a testament to our commitment to show you guys lots of cool stuff. Relatively soon, we’ll be debuting our new site redesign update – we figured that it’s high time to get that done and offer you a “LambdaGeneration 2.0“, so to speak. And from what I’ve seen thus far? You’ll be in for a spectacular treat!

Right around the same time, we’ll be bringing in our new writing team (the one you’ve been hearing about since the call for writers went out last September), which means you’ll be getting even more high-quality news, from some really great writers – as a matter of fact, at least one of those guys is at least fifty times cooler than me, but… well, you’ll just have to figure out who it is!

So if you think you’ve seen it all in these past two years of LambdaGeneration, then think again, because we’re only just getting started – stay tuned!

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  1. I think Lambdageneration is the best HL themed website since the and HLfallout era. And this is the only one that I follow now.

  2. Happy Birthday!

    I think recaptcha wants some cake…

  3. A great two years its been! Keep the the superb work LG team 07

  4. thanks for bringing as all these awesome news about Valve and the HL series.

  5. It’s been two whole years!? Wow. That’s amazing. I still haven’t heard back from that video-making for LG offer. 😉

  6. You know, I barely ever comment or anything, but I check for news on a daily basis – and I think alot of other people do so as well.
    Keep it up, you are great!

  7. Nice. I’m here about 1 year. Quality make me come back. Good work and thanks!

  8. Happy birthday (again?), old chap! And happy birthday Harry, too! (nevermind that one)

  9. Hooray! I can’t wait to find out more about 2.0, and hopefully be a part of it!

  10. Happy Birthday!! I remember when Alex was sending me the original ideas for LG. Good times to be had…

  11. This was a triumph
    I am making a note here
    It’s hard to overstate my satisfaction =D

  12. So… where’s the cake?

  13. Happy birthday LambdaGen, we all ow a beer to Alex for bringing this site to life, and let’s not forget about Vic, without him the delaying of games and debunking on HL3 news would had been causing a lot more cases of depression in the fan base, thanks Vic for your commitment and humor.

  14. Happy Birthday!

    You guys do a great job of presenting the news in an informed and entertaining way.

  15. May LambdaGeneration live well into the future!

    I found out about this site relatively recently (within the past six months) and I have absolutely loved following it thus far. I will continue coming here every day for my regular dose of Valve-ness. This is one of the only sites for which I make a point of disabling my ad-blocker. (Thanks for having such un-annoying ads!)

    Anyway, keep bringing the awesome content. Incidentally, what ever happened to that series of essays about Half-Life, The Half-Life Dissertation?

  16. I love this site! I check this site at least twice a day, along with ;P I hope the other writers will make me smile as much as you make me Vic, with your original writing style. Keep up the good work!

  17. <3 🙂

  18. I love this site, i check it 2-3 times a day :). Dont stop posting great content! Cheers.

  19. Wow. It was just yesterday that the site was starting. GAAAWD THESE KIDS GROW UP SOOO FAAAWST

  20. Love you guys! So glad I found you 3 or so months ago.

  21. Woooh! Happy Birthday! Can’t wait for LambdaGen 2.0

  22. Congrats!
    I hope the new site loads as fast as this one.. Currently this is one of the best sites I visit for that.
    And does more writers mean more news?
    And yes, you do make up for it. Only last week I was thinking about how with LambdeGen I have more than just news. I have opinions and insightful information from the fellow (and more knowledgeable) fans from the Valve community.
    Again, Congrats.

  23. Happy birthday!

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