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Tomorrow, Change Is Coming To CS: Global Offensive

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Tomorrow, Change Is Coming To CS: Global Offensive

This coming Monday, on the 1st of October, Valve will release a shiny new update for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive; featuring a revised matchmaking system for Classic Competitive mode (it looks to be based off Team Fortress 2’s new matchmaking system, introduced with the Mann vs Machine update this past August): check out this fancy sneak peek at what it’ll look like in-game!

The update will also include two new game maps: the old-school DE_Vertigo from version 1.1 of Counter-Strike, originally created by Chris “Narby” Auty way back in 2001. Vertigo takes place on the top floors of a high-rise skyscraper under construction, and it will most likely be a Classic mode map. Valve have also released a screenshot of the map, so do check it out.

The second map will be a brand new map titled AR_Monastery, for use in the Arms Race game mode. We don’t know much about it, but Valve have released a small sneak peek at what it will look like, and since it is an Arms Race map, we can probably expect to see a symmetrical, uniform layout, much like AR_Baggage and AR_Shoots. I’m just glad we’re getting another Arms Race map – that mode has only featured those two aforementioned maps since the beta period, and that can really bog down the whole game mode.

Valve says we can also expect to see “a ton of bug fixes based on community feedback“, which sounds pretty promising – let’s hope we see some solid balancing and/or gameplay changes as well! Looking forward to seeing that changelog.


  1. What an awful matchmaking system. Abort game if somebody has left? This simply doesn’t work in public games.

  2. this update really sucks…why o why did they bring it espcially in competetive mode…:(

  3. They should have a gametype pitting Batman against a SWAT team.

  4. Let’s go down Gorky park

  5. vertigo, I will love it religously

    when they remake 747 and add in silencers, flashlights, spraylogos my life is complete 😛

    • To be honest, I can live without flashlights and NVGs, since they aren’t actually needed, at all. But spraylogo decals and silencers? Those are a must-have, and they really should have been in-game at launch.

  6. The reflections on the skyscraper’s windows… are those cubemaps?

  7. This looks great. Vertigo looks like a map I would like to play 🙂

  8. what about workshop I am waiting to upload my map

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