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The Team Fortress 2 Art Pass Mapping Contest Is Over

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Don’t tell me you don’t know what it is.

Come on, guys! There was something oddly missing from the recent gargantuan Team Fortress 2 update, like Santa left Pinky’s – or my present on the roof before sliding down the chimney by means of industrial-grade lubricant.

The Team Fortress 2 Art Pass Mapping Contest Is Over

A few months ago, TF2maps did something special for their 5th Mapping Contest, an Art Pass Contest.

Only the map that required the aforementioned art pass was a Valve map, as luck would have it.

Well, it’s finally done, and after…

… days of deliberation, a moderate amount of yelling, and an M&M inexplicably up Drew Wolf’s nose again…

Oh my! I do hope Drew Wolf is fine. I do hope this doesn’t jeopardize Fart Cops’ development. Don’t you tell me Gabe cancelled it, that’s just a lie.

But… we have a twist ending here, in the form of TWO winners!

Valentin “3DNJ” Levillain and Timothy “YM” Johnson are the winners of the Art Pass Contest.

3DNJ’s map features the timeless, classic TF2 forest theme, and looks really great!

Art Pass

Check his map out here!

While YM’s map takes the classic Halloween feel from the good old Harvest Event map, making it fit seamlessly into the map! Looks splendid!

YM's Art Pass

Check his map out here!

There were also a few runner-ups: Acegikmo, for “building a final cap room that epitomizes everything we love: plants, television monitors, pipes, and the color red” (here), Gooba, for “a breathtaking skybox of ominous dark clouds casting a shadow in the distance” (here), and honeymustard and Terabyte ST, for using Harvest’s lovely Midwest theme (here and here).

Overall, great work to everyone who joined, as well as to everyone who made this possible!

To check out all the entries, go here:

For more info on the contest:

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  1. Can’t wait to play these! I tried to do the contest, but all of those lines and shapes scared me away.

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