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The Snarkpit – Holiday Interviews (And YOU Are Wanted!)

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Editorial note: Once again, thanks to David for helping with the feature image.

The Snarkpit is one of the oldest level design communities out there, and we mean in general. Not just for Half-Life or TFC.

It’s been active since late 1999, and it has gone through a lot. Some say the Half-Life community is dying, that it’s turning into a dry wasteland, an endless oblivion and all that poetic stuff. If so, then the Snarkpit is that giant monolithic obelisk that refuses to go down no matter what. 

If you’re a level designer for Source or GoldSource, then you have to check out the Snarkpit.

However, this article isn’t your average “hey guys lambdageneration here lol check out this site” kind of article.

The Snarkpit – Holiday Interviews (And YOU Are Wanted!)

Riven, the current administrator and owner of the Snarkpit. He’s come to our forums, bringing good tidings of great joy.

Over at the Snarkpit, Riven is doing a series of interviews with the average level designer or map reviewer. Whether you’re an amateur or a professional, nearly anyone can join! It doesn’t even matter if you’ve ever been to the Snarkpit!

All interviews will be posted at the Snarkpit’s Articles section.

This sounds like a pretty badass deal to us.

If you’re planning on joining in, here’s the criteria:

  • You must have been mapping, level designing, or critiquing/reviewing others’ maps for at least two years consecutively (within the past 10 years please)
  • You should have at least two and up to four images to show your works. Or links to those critiques/reviews or a portfolio page. That’s it!

If you want your interview to be posted quickly, before the 5th of January, then you should submit it before the 1st. Not that anyone will be doing anything on the 1st, to be fair. Riven will still accept interview submittals throughout the next 3 to 4 months, however.

You’ll need to answer these 4 questions to be able to participate:

  1. Could you tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got involved with level design?
  2. How long have you been mapping or doing level design work and/or critiquing others’ maps?
  3. What games and game types do you map for?
  4. If level design is currently a hobby for you, What do you plan to do, or continue doing with your experience and skills in the near future (in the next 5 years?)

There’s also 17 optional questions, though you’ll only be able to select 10 out of those 17 questions if you wish to .

You should also include:

  • your real name and/or your common screen name.
  • preferred contact method to be publicly posted along with your interview (not required).
  • Two to four images of your works with subtitles in the e-mail; please no larger than 1000×1000 pixels, and/or two to four links to your critiques/reviews.
  • A listing of a few projects or critiques/reviews (2-6) you will be talking about that could possibly be found on the internet somewhere. (Just the names and/or titles).
  • If you are already or plan to be a SnarkPit member (it’s free and we’re self supported; no spam or ads), please include your SnarkPit screen name. It will be linked with the article to your profile page.
  • If you currently work for an actual games studio, please list.

Once you’re done with everything, send all the information as well as the chosen questions and answers in an organized outline-type format to: [email protected]

Riven is willing to conduct audio interviews as well, on Skype and perhaps Ventrilo. You’ll still have to submit your written interview, but the audio interview will be beneficial and will be listed first in the article. Just make a note of it in a response e-mail and you’ll be able to set a time with Riven.

Note that the first and the second interviews are already up. The first with Thiago “Minotaur” Klafke, who’s worked on The Specialists, Natural Selection and Insurgency, and Ubisoft. The second is with Andrew “OmegaSlayer” Egelhofer.

For the original thread on our forums:

For the original thread that sparked this idea on the Snarkpit forums:

For the first interview with Thiago Klafke:

For the second, with Andrew Egelhofer:

And, finally, here is the Snarkpit homepage in all its glory and splendor:

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