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The Sacrifice is Out!

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The final (or perhaps not so final) send-off to Bill and the L4D crew is finally here.

The Sacrifice is Out!

Yep, it’s The Sacrifice.

Released in two versions: one for L4D1, and one for L4D2, both featuring 3 maps of pure atmospheric awesomeness.

The L4D2 version features all the new Special Infected, weapons, items, and much more, including the classic No Mercy.

Of course, Valve has one surprise left for tomorrow, and we have an exclusive little scoop: the surprise may be an announcement relating to other L4D1 campaigns being brought on L4D2.

L4D2 is also out now on the Mac, while L4D1 will be coming for the Mac sometime near Halloween.

The Sacrifice is also coming for the Xbox 360, in both versions.

Both games are now at an all-time low price of 4,75$. Yes, you heard me right.

The final issue of the Sacrifice Comic is also here.

The servers are under a lot of stress, so be patient, folks.

Here’s the official L4D blog post:


  1. Played it, thought it was great. Ending was tough.

    Needed more lines though.

    • Agreed, ending was really tough. The campaign also felt very disconnected from the teaser and the comic’s narratives, almost as if with the opportunity to put the story in the comic and teaser, Valve just said “fuck the story, let’s do gameplay”.

      • I also didn’t enjoy the L4D1 version’s gameplay. It felt incredibly repetitive, so much that the nickname “Splash Course” fits quite well. Part 4 of the comic also felt very disjointed and weird. The L4D2 version manages to keep gameplay fresh with its new items and enemies, but overall, I was a bit disappointed.

        • Interestingly, there are a LOT of unused sound files. Some are meant for the melee weapons and new items, while others are meant for a cut section of the final map in which the camera would circle the bridge while a Survivor says some last words.

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