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The Portal Wedding

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Portal is a stunning game, make no mistake. Some people are already making room on their “greatest games of all time” list for Portal 2.

But sometimes it takes something a bit more awesome to really show how much of an impact Portal has made.

Something like…

The Portal Wedding

… a wedding?

Tara and Seth are, as you can see, fans of Portal.

They are also getting married on May the 7th, as you can also see.

Seth told Kotaku that he and his fiancee are big sci-fi fans, and love Portal. They wanted to do something different and “quirky”, so the two hired Gawker artist Sam Spratt to design this invitation to the wedding.

Ironically, they made the invitations before Portal 2 was delayed to April 20th. Looks like they’ll now only have a few weeks to finish the game.

We wish them a happy wedding.


  1. The funny thing is that while reading the title and some of the article, I was thinking “this is omething id do”, and then I read on. We have the same first neme XD

    But I seriously would still do this.

  2. This is gonna be my wedding. Seriously, it will one day.


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