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The LambdaGeneration Forums Are Back Online!

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The LambdaGeneration Forums Are Back Online!

While we were moving the site to a new server, we didn’t realize that this meant our Forums would also go down, and frankly, we forgot about them. However, after a few fans let us know, we found out about it and we have just brought the Forums back up. They’re a bit inactive, but since we have more readers now, maybe it’ll start getting some activity.

So, why not register, create some threads, post around, and see how things go? We’ve got something very special lined up for the Forums very, very soon, so get in there while you can! If you’re still seeing the “Default Webpage”, you’re going to have to clear your browser’s cache, because that’s a problem on your end. The same goes if you’re not seeing the site’s front page – we’re really sorry for the inconvenience.


  1. I’m annoyed how no matter how many times I clear my DNS cache I still can’t view the homepage. >.<

  2. I believe the links on the menu still points to the wrong place, as did my bookmark.

    Also, I’m still waiting for those proper icons. The difference between this and this
    is simply too annoying :p

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