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The LambdaGeneration Christmas Advent Calendar Is Over

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Lo and behold, it’s the 25th of December!

Christmas! Yay!

I’m sure all you readers are enjoying eggnog and all that good stuff, but I must bring some bad news.

As we all know, all good things must come to an end eventually.

Well, since it’s the 25th, our Advent Calendar has come to an end.

The LambdaGeneration Christmas Advent Calendar Is Over

All 25 windows have now been revealed, along with the last one, which is… well, check it out for yourself.

While Pinky and I didn’t really have a hand in the creation of the calendar, it’s really awesome, and we hope you enjoy it.

Check out the final window, and the previous ones, in case you didn’t see them before.


  1. Good job, Jeff, on the last panel!

  2. Merry Christmas!
    Oh my god, I will be laughing like FOREVER for the last window.
    *TF2 Soldier* You all deserve a medal!

  3. Just to say you guys did a great job with the calendar! Very Imaginative and the last window made me laugh! Hope you all had a awesome christmas 07

  4. 😀

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