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The Jacknife Chronicles – Stunning Source Machinima

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Dayum. That’s all I could say after I saw this amazing video, made by Kitty0706. Some might say that name denotes unprofessionalism, but it’s his cousin’s former YT channel or something.

He never lets us down with these amazing First Person projects.

The Jacknife Chronicles – Stunning Source Machinima

My main gripe with Kitty’s videos is that they mainly consist of action. There is very little to no story, and the little there is.. well: “Aperture Corporation has won an election over the Combine forces in City 17.”. All I could say to that was “wat”. Still, it isn’t THAT bad, and it definitely provides a good backdrop to the action.

This is just Kitty’s style, and like it or not, you have to admit, it’s effing awesome.

There were some moments where I couldn’t really tell what the character was doing, and the maps looked a bit strange (A giant elevator encased in a square of glass in the middle of a large parking lot? Who, what, why, how?) but other than that, all of the choreography and backdrops were spot-on.

Also, there was Poke646 music. Me likey.

Overall, go watch this now.

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  1. Mirrors Edge with Aperture Science and sword-fighting on the Source engine?
    This needs to become a game.

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