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The Half-Life Mass Playthrough Has Begun

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Back on 30th April, Half-Life fan Kirb Stomp posted a thread on the HL2: Episode Two Steam Forums outlining his plans for a Half-Life Series Mass Playthrough, which he is currently organizing. It started today (around 2 hours ago – notice how this time we were surprisingly fast), and continues all the way through next week, until the 22nd of May. We wrote about it 5 days ago, but we wanted to let folks know it’s begun, as well as ensure that more people hear about this. More details ahead.

The Half-Life Mass Playthrough Has Begun

Starting today, Half-Life fans who choose to participate in this event will play through each and every one of their Steam Half-Life games in any manner they choose, although clocking in as much playing time is preferable. Once you’re done, why not play a bit of Half-Life multiplayer? If you’ve got some free time during this week, then why not play a bit? Remember, this isn’t about ensuring that Valve announces Episode Three next week. It’s about showing them that the fanbase is still here, and it’s still active. And in the process, we get to replay some of the greatest games of all time? In the words of Gabe himself, “what’s not to like?”

For more information, check out the event’s Steam Forum thread, the Facebook page, or the Steam Group.

Thanks to Chemical Alia for letting us use her great art as a feature image!

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  1. MY POOTER BROKE, so I cant join you guyz intill this thursday, intill then, i bid you adeau

  2. Must.. Play… The best series ever made

  3. I should be revising for my exams…but half-life is more important than my future!

  4. Thanks for letting me know! Participating!

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