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“The Great Steam Treasure Hunt” Announced [Updated with 10th Dec – 11th Dec Objectives!]

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After the ” Give & Get” sales of Thanksgiving, it would appear there’s another phase of holiday sales we need to go through until we get to the motherlode: the Christmas sales.

From the 6th of December to the 20th, Valve will be running the “Great Steam Treasure Hunt” contest-hunt-metagame-thingy.

“The Great Steam Treasure Hunt” Announced [Updated with 10th Dec – 11th Dec Objectives!]

[Update: New objectives have been announced for the 10th and the 11th. They are:

Join the Club – Join an Official Group

Family-Style – Get Back in Business in Mafia II

Stack the Deck – Be a Devastator in Magic: The Gathering

Just Drop It – Set a leaderboard score of at least 85,370 for ‘Classic – Small Wonder’ in Droplitz

Good luck!]

It’s all fairly simple. Every two days, you’ll get a set of objectives. Complete any 10 of the objectives, and on the 20th, you will be entered for a chance to win 100 games of your choosing.

The objectives for the 6th and the 7th are:

Self Portrait – Set up an avatar on your Steam Community page.

Got Tanked? – Become a Desert Fox in R.U.S.E.

Up the Ante – Obtain the Iron Curtain for TF2 in Poker Night at the Inventory.

More Cowbell – Set a leaderboard score of at least 1,124,000 in Easy Mode for the “Paul Hartnoll” level in Chime.

Yes, you have to buy all of those games. Chime is currently 1 dollar, R.U.S.E. is 33,50 dollars. But wait, that’s not all, is it? Yes, there’s TF2 hats involved. Complete 5 objectives by the 20th, you’ll get a “Bounty” hat for TF2. Complete 15, you’ll get the “Treasure” hat. Complete 28, you’ll get the “Hat of Undeniable Wealth and Respect”.

We’ll keep you updated as the new objectives pop up.


  1. I’m doing it just for the TF2 hat, the chance I win 100 games is the same chance I had to get a golden wrench on the engineer update, none.
    Also Chime is 1.25 USD

  2. Clever boys.. this is a clever way to sell games, even more for uncommon games, or expensive games.

    Thanks I got Chime in a raffle. At least I have 2 of the objetives done :b

  3. The addition of R.U.S.E to the first line up of objectives is a bit of a strange choice, its an expensive game compared to the other 2, and it’s also not very good.. Just lucky that i already have it and that achieve lol.

    Good luck to anyone else who is going for these aswell 🙂

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