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“The Gordon Freeman Song”

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Every Friday (well, I now tend to release Roundups around Sunday, because I’m not happy with the amount of articles or something), we have our top secret AI enter the internet and start searching for more stuff to write about. Because we are pretty lazy.

This AI is so secret and so astoundingly idiotic that I usually erase it from my memory, well, until Pinky places post-it notes on my desk each Friday saying “START UP AI”. I still don’t remember its name, though. Durandal, was it? Or was it AM? Or AC? It probably wasn’t V’Ger, and certainly not CABAL.

Oh, but today it finally found something.

“The Gordon Freeman Song”

No, it did not discover malicious alien life or a way to save the universe from its imminent heat death.

It’s “The Gordon Freeman Song”!

It sums up all of Half-Life 1, from Gordon’s perspective. It’s got some pretty amusing lyrics, and a fairly catchy tune.

Oh, and the guy singing it has some rad shades.

Check it out!


  1. Dr Insano’s Brother have some skills!

  2. CABAL(L) <3

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