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The Gary Hudston Project – A Marriage Proposal Custom Map, In Portal 2

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When you’ve finally met that special someone, you could propose the old-fashioned way… or, if that special someone also enjoys video games, you could do something different.

The Gary Hudston Project – A Marriage Proposal Custom Map, In Portal 2

Like what Gary Hudston did! Posting on ThinkingWithPortals, he said that he was looking for level designers, for a secret Portal 2 project. Doug Hoogland, also known as DoogieHoogie, also known as RocketRascal34, also known as TopHATTwaffle (boy, that’s a lot of nicknames), applied for this project. You might know him as the creator of the excellent map Reconstructed, and some great Hammer tutorials on YouTube. He was accepted, and soon after, he was joined by Rachel van der Meer, or Miss Stabby, whom you might know as the designer behind the briliant Angry Bombs.

The two began working on a 3-map Portal 2 mappack. Who else helped out? None other than Ellen McLain, who actually recorded original lines for the mappack. Over the course of these three levels, GLaDOS subtly teases the player with some really well-written dialogue that subtly hints at the mappack’s conclusion – a marriage proposal, from Gary, to his girlfriend, Stephanie. It’s really heart-warming and incredibly well-designed, although I can’t help but notice that Exile Vilify’s somber tone felt a bit out of place at the end there.

Still, it’s really, really great, and it’s one of the coolest video game marriage proposals I’ve seen. Just check it out!

You can try out the mappack here. It even features new Aperture ads displayed in the elevator chambers at the beginning and end of each level. You’ll need to place these BIK files in the “media” folder. Don’t forget about the VPK. After that, you’re all set. Just start Portal 2 up and select the map “la_bringing_together” from the console.

We hope the proposal went well, and, assuming it did, we wish the couple a happy ever after!


  1. Bloody fantastic! Good on him!

  2. Totally copying that in 20 years when no one remebers

  3. This is even better than the Borderlands Proposal video, and that was hilarious!

  4. Holy shit, that’s awesome

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