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The Final Hours of Portal 2 – Released as iPad App

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Geoff Keighley has been writing about video games for quite a while. You might know him from GameTrailers or Spike TV. Us Valve fans know him as the writer of GameSpot’s excellent Final Hours of Half-Life and Final Hours of Half-Life 2 articles.

The “Final Hours” series ended with the HL2 article, but Keighley had always hoped to return to Final Hours one day.

And he finally has!

The Final Hours of Portal 2 – Released as iPad App

Enter “The Final Hours of Portal 2”. Released as an iPad app, this is more than just an article now. It’s an interactive multi-media story of sorts, chronicling Portal 2’s development, from its inception, to its release. Lots of never-before-seen details are revealed in this thing, such as Portal 2’s original game design, a prequel set in the 1950’s, with Cave Johnson as the main villain, rough versions of Portal 2’s end song, and much, much more.

It costs $1.99, which is a reasonable price for an iPad app that seems comparable to Prima Games’ “Half-Life 2: Raising the Bar” collector book. Got an iPad? Why not check it out? And, sadly, yes, it is an iPad exclusive, but Keighley is exploring different ways of making the story available on other platforms. Seeing it on Steam would be pretty great, seeing as Steam has been selling game guides since May 2010.

In any case, check it out here. Let’s hope we see it on more platforms soon!


  1. iPad app seems like the wrong target audience. I hope he can get it in a more accessible format.

  2. By saying it’s an iPad exclusive you mean it’s not even available on the iPhone/iTouch? -.-

  3. This is quite interesting, and I think that he would benefit a lot more from releasing this on Steam, if possible, than from iPads.

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