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The Evolution of Italy

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Been too long since our last one? Well, no matter – prepare yourselves, for here comes yet another one of our super-classy comparison videos.

The Evolution of Italy

This time, we’re examining the classic CS_Italy, across all four main CS games: 1.6, Condition Zero, Source, and of course, the Global Offensive beta. It’s slightly under 5 minutes long, quite in-depth, and packing a fancy soundtrack:

Next up in the series will be CS_Office, and that’ll be coming out quite soon. As always, feel free to provide any and all feedback – including feedback for future videos.


  1. So glad the chickens are back. This may sound daft but little things like that combined with the graphical and tactical revamps really show Valve’s dedication to audiences both new and old. Hats off.

  2. LOL. I’m glad they brought the chicken back.

  3. Love these comparisons. Somewhere to actually check these in screenshot form would be great too though.

  4. Chickens are back!

  5. Maybe for some of the images why not have a video. Just a fixed camera looking at an angle. So we can see the dynamics that have changed in the map.

  6. Pavarotti <3

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