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The Citizen 2 Released

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The Citizen is a HL2 mod released way back in 2007, taking place during the City 17 Uprising, perhaps in the week that Gordon and Alyx missed due to their delayed teleportation.

You play as a disgruntled citizen who becomes a member of the Resistance after his home is raided by Civil Protection. He is left beaten in what’s left of his apartment.

At the end of the Citizen, you took over a relay station responsible for transmitting the Breencasts to the public. Soon after, you attemped to escape on a train, but a pursuing Advisor manages to catch up to the train. Thankfully, the G-Man intervenes, killing the Advisor, but somehow, the train is destroyed anyway.

While it wasn’t quite perfect, it may be one of the finest HL2 mods ever released.

The Citizen 2 Released

And at long last, The Citizen 2 has been released.

Taking place immediately after the ending of the original, The Citizen 2 features the same citizen, still fighting against the Combine.

Sadly, this isn’t the entire thing. This may be only 50% of the actual sequel, as some maps still require work.

The mod will be rereleased with these maps at a later date, so don’t fret.

Check it out at PlanetPhillip:

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