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“The Biggest Team Fortress 2 Update Ever” – A Fan-Made Fake Update And Server Mod That Makes TF2 Even Better

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Team Fortress 2 is a pretty great game, make no mistake. Community integration has made it even better. But what if it could be… far better? Like… a thousand times better? What if Valve released a single update (perhaps… The Final Update) that changed the game so extensively and added so many new gameplay elements, that you’d practically be playing a whole new game? What if this thing had bug fixes, balance fixes, all-new weapons, all-new maps, all-new… everything!

This could be done, believe it or not. And it is real, but for the time being, it is nothing more than a fan-made “fake update”… and, quite possibly, an upcoming server mod! Hey, that’s not too bad! Let’s check it out.

“The Biggest Team Fortress 2 Update Ever” – A Fan-Made Fake Update And Server Mod That Makes TF2 Even Better

One day, HumbugTheMan must have woken up and realized that TF2 just didn’t have enough stuff in it. And that’s why he created… “The Biggest TF2 Update Ever”, one of those terrific “fake updates”, that makes our PC’s mouths water when they think about all the fun they could be having. Because there’s a million times more stuff in it than you’ve ever seen before. He made a website for it (that’s where you’ll find the meat of the update), and he even made a SPUF thread for it.

Using all-new weapon stats in conjunction with terrific community models from the Steam Workshop, and with some absolutely awesome custom maps thrown in there, this thing (BUE, for short) is unbelievably well-done, and it’s a testament to just how much Valve could do with TF2. Sure, there’s a few bad-apple weapons with some hinky balancing, and some really disputable changes in there (All current Polycount set hats go Vintage? No, thank you), but for the most part, it’s a very consistent, and substantial package.

But wait, that’s not all! This whole update is being turned into its own server mod… TF2 Tightrope! While you won’t see all of the BUE in Tightrope, you might see most of it – more info about it can be found at its About page, as well as its Weapons page and Balance Changes page. As previously linked to, Tightrope has its own blog, so you’ll find updates on its progress there, and you can always discuss it all in the SPUF thread.


  1. it truely is chaotic, but there are still vanilla servers around if all of the items arent in your taste

  2. TF2 already plays, feels and looks like a much different game than it was at launch. I had to stop playing about a year ago because it had become so chaotic. I can only imagine what kind of chaos the gameplay is now.

  3. Daaaaamn, this is one hell of a content package.
    And the maps looks freaking awesome, gotta check some of them out in the comming days 🙂

  4. Commenter AvatarThe KillSmith (nightcabbage)January 31st 2012 at 12:16am

    This is great… reminds me of the old days in Quakeworld TF with MEGA TF! 🙂

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