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The Alien Swarm 2010 Community Mappack

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Alien Swarm is a great game, make no mistake.

The problem is that it has just one official campaign, which won’t last you any more than 1-2 hours.

Many community mapmakers have created community campaigns and maps, but sadly, the general playerbase doesn’t want to download these from an external site, for whatever reason.

It’s a shame, as some of these campaigns are really, really great.

However, some folks in the AS community have put together a massive 2010 community mappack, containing the best maps and campaigns of the entire year.

The Alien Swarm 2010 Community Mappack

This contains 33 maps. It’s pretty huge. 751MB compressed, 1.96 GB uncompressed.

In addition, some maps don’t appear on the campaign selection screen, as they are superseded by others with similar description information.

The missing maps are:

Exploring Osiris (map breachingthedoor)
Frosty v2 (v1 overrides v2 – choose one)
Homicidal Cloning (map homicidal_cloning)
Icy Dawn (map icy_mission_1)
Nitro Canister (map nitro_canister_case1)

You can start them from the console, or you can try to find out which maps supersede these maps.

We definitely recommend this mappack to all of you folks. If you’ve got the HDD space, and some friends to play them with, then why not?

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