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TF2: Sentry Sabotage – Live-Action Fan Short

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There’s been a number of TF2 fanfilms in the past. Generally, they aren’t quite as well done as the other fanfilms (Half-Life, first and foremost) we’ve seen in the community, but maybe that’s changed with the release of Sentry Sabotage!

And this is old. I know, I know.

TF2: Sentry Sabotage – Live-Action Fan Short

Created by Sam Gorski and Niko Pueringer, of Corridor Digital (they also released “Modern Warfare: Frozen Crossing” in 2010), this live-action short is absolutely brilliant!

Sam plays the Spy, who, mysteriously, is now American, and not French. But hey, he’s a spy. What did you expect? Niko plays the Sniper, who, similarly, is no longer Australian. Perhaps some sort of accident involving Jarate led to him losing his manly Australian status? No idea who plays the Engineer, however.

The location work is pretty good, well, except for the modern cars in the background. The props and costumes were also pretty great, except for the Soldier’s rocket launcher – it seems to be an AT4 (possibly the AT4-CS variant), which is a one-shot, disposable rocket launcher that cannot be reloaded. Yet, the Soldier fires a good 3-4 rockets with it.

But the main attraction here are the excellent special effects. These are some of the best I’ve ever seen in a fan-made short film. The only problem I spotted was that the Sniper’s charge meter stayed at 100% (even if it did dim slightly), even after the Sniper had fired off a shot.

Still, it’s very well done! Check it out!

These guys have got some skills! Let’s hope they do more Valve-themed videos in the near future.


  1. This is what TF2 would have looked like if it didn’t adopt the cartoon style.

  2. Didn’t this come out quite a while ago?

  3. Epic. I love smily Idiots

  4. Oh good god that was brill!

  5. Charge meter doesn’t stay at 100%, bars are increasing and 100% text is dim when not fully charged.

  6. It’s late, yes. But it is still awesome! This is one of the few and rare TF2 fan movies I ‘wuv’ so much!

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