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TF2: Saxxy Awards Voting Continues

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The TF2 Saxxy Awards have reached “Round One” of Combat Voting. No idea why they call it “combat” voting. No mention of violent brawls between contestants, so who knows?

But, yes. This means that now you should stop putting together your wacky replay videos, and get voting.

TF2: Saxxy Awards Voting Continues

In a surreal blog post made by a talking France, Valve first announced that public voting had begun. Then, just in case anyone had gotten afraid that their anti-psychotic medication, or lack thereof, had caused them to hallucinate that a talking France was posting on the TF2 blog, they made another blog post, written by an average human being (or three Saxton Hale statues, judging from the post’s feature image?), confirming that, yes, voting has begun. You can vote right here. You can also flag videos you consider to be ineligible. So if you see any videos that are from, say, TFC, just hit that… well, not the big red button, since that one says “VOTE”, so… hit the little gray writing saying “Flag as ineligible” instead.

For more information on what the Saxxy awards are and why they sound so naughty, head over here. Voting ends today, but there may be an hour or two left to vote. In any case, get out there and vote! Your choice matters! Well, your choice is one out of thousands, so it doesn’t matter that much… but… it still does!

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