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TF2 + Monday Night Combat = More Items

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It’s been a while since the last “buy game, get TF2 items” promotion.

Time for a new one? “Oh no”, you say? “OH YES”, Valve and I say.

TF2 + Monday Night Combat = More Items

Monday Night Combat is a new class-based third-person-shooter set to release on January 24th.

To provide a little incentive to check out the game, Valve and its creators, Uber Entertainment, have created a little pre-order bonus. Well, actually it’s not really a pre-order bonus, but who cares?

Buying the game before the 1st of February will get you two batches of exclusive items, one for MNC, and one for TF2.

In MNC, you’ll get 6 different items for your MNC characters to use. These items are modeled off the belongings of the TF2 characters, so you’ll get the Engineer’s hard hat, the Pyro’s gas mask, the Heavy’s bandoliers, and so on, and so forth.

In TF2, you’ll get 3 items. One is a yellow cap with the MNC logo on it, the “Athletic Supporter”, that can be worn by every class. The second item is the “Essential Accessories”. These are the MNC Mascot’s wristbands, socks and shoes, that can only be worn by the Scout. And the third item is the Mascot’s green cap, the “Superfan”.

So, will you be buying MNC? Let us know in the comments section.


  1. I wish that Fruit F*ker could open the crates in tf2 too.

  2. Unless you pre-order jee

  3. Thats just bull freaking whorse poop seriously they need to add other stuff rather then just new stupid pre-order items that u cant get

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