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TF2: Meet the Medic Has Finally Been Released!

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This time, posted via Valve’s very own Team Fortress YouTube channel!

TF2: Meet the Medic Has Finally Been Released!

As you can see, both the video itself and the Team Fortress channel now feature direct confirmation that TF2 has in fact gone free-to-play. Straight from Valve. Other than that, we haven’t spotted any new blog updates, so Day 4 of the Uber Update, and the update itself, are still stuck somewhere in the pipeline.

Interestingly, the view counter seems to be purposely stuck on exactly 301 views.

Over two years in the making and I have to say – this was absolutely amazing! Let us know what you think in the comments section!

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  1. Also, Youtube usually stops at 301-306. It verifies the views to make sure it’s real viewers.

  2. Outstanding! Just great XD

    pyro’s voice acting lol

  4. Valve really set the bar high with Meet The Spy, but there, they set it even higher with Meet The Medic. If this video doesn’t make you play TF2, nothing ever will.

  5. Kill me

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