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TF2 Gets One-Of-A-Kind Daily Rotation Prize Hats, Strange Weapon Mods, And More

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While the mysterious “TF2 2012” surprise Valve has planned (most likely a new game mode involving team combat against a war robot, to be released alongside the final Meet the Team video, “Meet the Pyro”) remains to be released, possibly some time around summer, that doesn’t mean Valve isn’t going to be holding off on content. And they just proved that today, with a pretty important addition to Team Fortress 2 that might change the way it’s played for a while!

TF2 Gets One-Of-A-Kind Daily Rotation Prize Hats, Strange Weapon Mods, And More

As heralded in the official blog post, today the TF2 community gets to meet the one-of-a-kind hat trio: the Dueler, the Gifting Man from Gifting Land, and the Philateler. These three are exclusive (and very, very fancy) prize hats that are awarded to players on a daily rotation basis. The Dueler is awarded to the player who got the most duel wins in the previous day, the Gifting Man from Gifting Land is awarded to the player who bought the most gifts in the previous day (Secret Saxtons and Piles o’Gifts, but NOT Gift Wrap), and the Philateler is awarded to the player who bought the most Map Stamps in the previous day. And the next day? Those three players lose their hats, and it’s given to the three players who had gotten the most duel wins/bought the most gifts/bought the most stamps in the previous day. And so on, and so forth, ad infinitum!

Before you get mad, think about it for a sec: Dueling Minigames are not store-exclusive, and they are quite enjoyable in-game. Gifts are store-exclusive, and the money spent on them will go to Valve, but guess what they also do? Give everyone free weapons and hats. And Map Stamps? All the money spent buying Map Stamps goes straight to the TF2 community mapmakers. Doesn’t this sound like a win-win-win to you?

But that’s not all! Folks craving even more statistics on their Strange weapons – this is going to be your lucky day. Meet the Strange Parts: tool items that can be used on Strange weapons in order to add additional statistic-tracking. These things can only be found in Mann Co. Crates #41 and #42, and only three Strange Parts can be added to a single Strange weapon, so choose wisely. Of course, it might be worth waiting, as Valve will almost surely be adding new Strange Parts to the game in future updates.

Overall, some really nice work from Valve. No idea who the first 3 winners are, unfortunately – but don’t expect to see them in-game. Of course, if you do, let us know. Take a picture with them… beg them for money… and other good stuff like that. Every penny will count when SOB comes out – suddenly, hats are nothing… and pimped-out starfighters are the next cool thing. I don’t know what you’d decorate a starship with… probably not hats, though. Wait – I hope Valve isn’t listening.


  1. This is just wrong:

    Valve should sue them.

  2. Got a Level 92 Cone Hat drop today… I wonder if that has anything to do with this.

  3. well, my TF2 doesn’t work for some reason, so I can’t enjoy this new update 🙁

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