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TF2 G-Rockets Revealed As “Dr. Grordbort’s Victory Pack”, As Cross-Promotion With WETA Workshop

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It wasn’t the Uber Update, Part II. It wasn’t some sort of space update. It wasn’t Meet the Pyro, and it most certainly wasn’t Deathmatch Classic 2.

So then what was it?

TF2 G-Rockets Revealed As “Dr. Grordbort’s Victory Pack”, As Cross-Promotion With WETA Workshop

It was… well, let’s check out the blog post.

When WETA Workshop first approached us with the idea of partnering some of their IP with ours, we couldn’t believe our luck. These were the guys who made In The Name of the King, after all, and since that movie stars Burt Reynolds, there was a pretty good chance they’d introduce us to him. Eager to raise that chance to 100%, we sent them over a contract demanding they produce Burt Reynolds at any partnership meetings.

Oh, lord. This is gonna take a while if I quote this entire thing… so, let’s skip to what matters.

Luckily Greg Broadmore, WETA Workshop’s mastermind behind Dr. Grordbort’s Infallible Aether Oscillators, sent us over a bunch of concept art for cool-looking space guns, which cheered us up immediately. […] But just because Greg Broadmore is a liar, that doesn’t mean he didn’t invent some nifty-looking guns. Find out more about them here, and read a comic we wrote about the items here. Or you can skip all that and go watch Smokey and the Bandit II here.

And here is the update page, as well as WETA’s news post. No, your eyes are not playing tricks on you. The G-Rockets were leading up to a Grordbort-themed Soldier weapon set. And that’s it. As if the Soldier didn’t have enough damned items.

The story behind this update, as shown in the comic, is that the Soldier, while pretending to be a war veteran, discovered the crashed rocket near Badwater Basin. Turns out the “Endangerer-class” rocket was a weapons shipment from Dr. Grordbort’s Plant B, on Venus. A hole in the very fabric of space and time is believed to be the culprit, and now the rocket is somewhere in New Mexico, during the 1960’s, in the TF universe.

Aboard the rocket were the Cow Mangler 5000, which is a… plasma… laser… raygun… bazooka… “focused wave projector”. This thing packs 5 rounds, and has infinite ammo. However, it cannot deal any crits at all, deals decreased damage to Engineer buildings, reloads slower and does slightly less damage. However, secondary fire, if the weapon has a full clip, will charge up all of the weapons’ ammo into one giant blast that will mini-crit players, set them on fire, and disable buildings for 4 seconds. It was slightly overpowered on release, but it’s since been nerfed. And it’s got a newtaunt – the Cocksure Salute taunt.

There’s also the Righteous Bison, a small… laser pistol… raygun… “indivisible particle smasher”, that just like the Mangler, has infinite ammo, fires a projectile that goes through enemy targets, cannot be deflected, but does decreased damage to Engineer buildings. Then there’s also the new Lord Cockswain’s Pith Helmet; the Lord Cockswain’s Novelty Mutton Chops and Pipe, and WETA’s manifest also mentions… “Moon Mistress Brand Potato Crisps – Cleavage Flavored”, but the Soldier mysteriously turned those down. In addition, purchasing the entire Victory Pack from the Mann Co Store will get you an exclusive purchase-only Dr Grordbort’s Crest. Otherwise, all items are available through drops and crafting.

Some fans speculate that the two remaining rockets (Barnblitz and 2Fort) might contain something for the other classes. The Engineer certainly could use some new weapons, along with the Pyro and possibly the Demoman.

For anyone who’s at Comic Con 2011, the WETA booth sports a large and very well done Soldier statue. You can pick up real-life Dr Grordbort stuff from there, including an actual replica of the Righteous Bison, and promo codes for the Bison are also being offered.

Overall, some pretty great stuff. We just hope the other two rockets also make an appearance. Lord knows the Engineer deserves some Grordbort-style weaponry.

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    Sure sounds manly enough, especially from the Soldier, but that makes it even more funier.

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