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TF2 – Fanmade Medieval Update

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Organized by the TF2 Emporium and KritzKast, the Medieval Update is a fan-made update with a medieval theme.

Think of it as a combination of the Polycount, Fancy vs Nasty and Medieval Mode updates. It has the rules of the Polycount contest, it’s fan-made (so it won’t be officially added to the game), but it has a lovely medieval theme.

TF2 – Fanmade Medieval Update

There are some rules, but this isn’t a very strict event, so you’re supposed to have fun, first and foremost.

The focus is on weaponry first and foremost, but apparently you can create anything you like, including, but not limited to hats and map props. The deadline for the project is the 28th of February, at midnight.

Some of the submissions sent in so far are pretty spectacular!

There’s a forum where you can show off your work in, and there’s also a Steam Group.

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