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Teaser Trailer Released For “DEEP”, The Source Engine Feature Film

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I’ve just discovered that a pair of teaser trailers have gone live for DEEP“, the animated feature film being built on the Source engine, which we discussed yesterday. Let’s take a look, shall we?

Teaser Trailer Released For “DEEP”, The Source Engine Feature Film

As you can see, the teaser trailers depict a number of scenes from the upcoming film, although these are entirely work-in-progress, as DEEP is still in pre-production and doesn’t even have a tentative release timeframe. So if it looks rough around the edges – don’t worry, it’ll improve.

For something built on Source (as we know it, at least), it looks pretty impressive, even if there is a lot of reused 2004 HL2 content, such as the classic City 17 Eastern European cars, which actually show up in a couple of shots. Overall, it looks pretty great, and I wish Valve’s games looked more like this.

But for a high-profile animated feature film? Let’s just say it still needs a fair bit of work – but still, I have faith in Brown Bag’s abilities to make this one a looker, when it comes out in the (hopefully) near future.

Thanks to Emil for the tip!

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  1. I quote:

    “Permission Denied
    This is a private video. Do you have permission to watch it? If you do, please first log in to Vimeo to watch this video.”

    Now what? I don’t want to register on Vimeo to find out if I can watch it or not.

  2. I’m just imagining being in the theater, and seeing the Source logo come up on that big screen and oh my god.

  3. Noticed the date on teh vid. Its’ from 2 months 3 weeks ago! sm

  4. looking good even rough and in wip state.

    It’s not exactly a new pipeline though 😉
    A sorry tale of woe and loss.

    Babylon5 almost got a space-sim game with the last live action footage shot with the principle cast.
    Legend has it, the lightwave models were basically taken directly from the visual effects team who created the original models for the CG in the series and just lodded them down for game usage.
    with 70& of the work done, sierra shut down the project.
    The game developers quit, raised funds and tried to purchase the rights/material of the game.

    They tried 3 times.

    No kick-starter back then…. 🙁

    The CG of the original B5 is pretty ropey and a space sim on modern tech would surpass that of the original series.

    It’s hilarious to think that todays home computers have more processing power to render in real-time the weeks of rendering it took to put a handful of CG shots for the films during the 80’s and 90’s.

    Even the original toy-story seams to be surpassed with regards to material rendering and number of triangles with regarding to the models.

    Depp is offering an interesting ride.

  5. That is awesome.

  6. (; Wonderful.

  7. OMG! this is awesome! source is just the best! Thanks for the link!

  8. Really awesome cover image you got there! 😀

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