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Team Fortress 2 Receives Gigantic Manniversary Update, Bringing Loadout Presets, New Misc Slot And More

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To commemorate the anniversary of the infamous Mannconomy Update, Valve has released the Manniversary Update and Sale, a colossal TF2 update that, frankly makes me feel very insecure about my TF2 backpack.

Team Fortress 2 Receives Gigantic Manniversary Update, Bringing Loadout Presets, New Misc Slot And More

Released on the 13th of October, they say it’s the same day the Mannconomy Update was released. That’s actually false: that came out on the 30th of September (coincidentally, the same exact date that HL2 had its original infamous release date on, in 2003). But, nevermind that.

What does the Manniversary Update feature? Support for multiple loadout presets, for one – gone are the days where you’d frantically scroll through your backpack to change a hat or weapon. Now, with the click of a mouse button, you’ve switched over to a completely different loadout! Truly incredible.

But that feature wouldn’t be complete without… a second Misc item slot! So Valve’s added that to the game as well. There’s some restrictions on the Misc items that you can simultaneously wear, but for the most part, there’s support for just about every combination you could think of, and hopefully Valve frees up more combinations in future updates. My friend here wants to wear his Deus Specs with his Bonk Boy, Valve.

What else? The High-Five Taunt has returned! Well, technically, it was never here at all, but you get the idea. Available from the Mann Co Store for a pretty expensive 7.49 dollars, it can also be found through random drops. It’s an Action item, and holding the Action button (H) while it’s in your loadout will put you in the High-Five pose until a player responds with the Taunt button. He doesn’t actually need the taunt itself to do it, so don’t go buying two of these things.

Perhaps the main addition in terms of game items is the new Swashbuckler’s Swag item set for the Demoman, which features the Scottish Handshake, a reskin of the Demoman’s stock bottle, the Bootlegger, a reskin of the Demoman’s Wee Booties, and two other cosmetic items. The other main additions? The long-awaited decal customization items – the Flair, a set of four wee little badges; the Photo Badge, a small photograph; the Clan Pride, a stylish medal; and the Conscientious Objector (the only other weapon in the entire update), a road sign turned picket sign. All of these can be customized by the player by adding a custom decal to them, using the Decal Tool. Much like the High-Five taunt, you can only get the Decal Tool from the Store (where it sports the spicy price of 5 dollars) or from a random drop, and it only has one use, although purchasing any decal item from the Store will get you one free Decal Tool. 

Valve has also added the Steam Workshop, a community item gallery where you can view, submit, rate and review other user-submitted TF2 items. Valve aims to make community item submission and consideration into a much more transparent and open process with the Workshop, and it shows – there are so many, incredibly well-done items here, it’s just unbelievable.

And, if you log on TF2 during the update and sale, you will get the Manniversary Package, a gift-wrapped box which contains the Manniversary Paper Hat, and has a rare chance of also containing another Manniversary item. In addition, the entire Mann Co Store is now running a fairly large sale, so you’ll get some pretty nice discounts on whatever you choose to buy during the sale. Also, all items from the store are now tradeable, and were even craftable for a brief time period of 4 hours (though rumor has it there remains an exploit that allows you to “clean” any store-bought items of their non-craftable qualities). Valve is also experimenting with a new store design with a “subset of players”. That doesn’t include any of us here, so all we can do is point you to the nearest screencap. I suppose it’s pretty cool.

There’s loads more: a new map: “Gullywash”, a cross-game promotion for Football Manager 2012, new slo-mo and shakycam functionalities for the Replay Editor, tons of balancing changes, and much more. Check out the Wiki for the full changelog, and more on the Manniversary Update. Overall? It’s a damn fine update, even with the bizarre lack of weapons. Can’t wait for the Halloween event!



  2. Happy Manniversary everyone!

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