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Breaking News: Team Fortress 2 Is Going FREE-TO-PLAY, Forever

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After much fan speculation in the past weeks on whether or not TF2 would actually go F2P, it appears confirmation has finally arrived, and only moments (well, more like undetermined amounts of time) before Day 4, and the final reveals of the TF2 Uber Update, which still has not dropped.

Breaking News: Team Fortress 2 Is Going FREE-TO-PLAY, Forever

In an interview with Develop Magazine, Robin Walker at last dropped the bombshell – Team Fortress 2 is going free-to-play. No major changes will be done to the game’s existing formula – random item dropping will remain the same, the community contribution program will remain the same, as will the frequent updating. There will be no advertising, no premium subscription, and no “pay-to-win” options favoring players with dough over players with no dough. In-game item sales from the Mann Co Store will be the only type of monetisation present in TF2.

Our only concern, at this point, is to the in-game trading economy. So many new players – and what if certain undesirables decide to make more accounts for themselves and thus, acquiring more in-game items for themselves on their alternate accounts. We just hope Valve has thought this out beforehand.

No word on when exactly TF2 is going free-to-play, however. Robin does not mention, although we think the timing of Develop’s interview is no mere coincidence. We’re sure more details will be announced on Day 4 of the Uber Update, which is, coincidentally, today.

Develop has also provided a stand-alone article featuring all the critical information in a more concise form. In any case, stay tuned and watch the skies – Day 4 of the Uber Update will be revealed shortly by Valve, and we can expect the update itself, as well as the long-awaited Meet the Medic, to follow. There’s plenty of details in the stories above, so be sure to check them out.

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  1. Oh well, time to install anti-free player plugin on all my servers I guess… Before god damn F2P noobs invade everything

  2. HOLLY COW! I gota say i dint see this coming.

  3. Gabe you ruined it.

  4. i wonder what happens hats?oh wait no,weapons cost cash,they realy ruined tf2 now .

  5. The press release email went out a few minutes ago, towards the end it says:
    “TF2 is now Free to Play for PC & Mac players via Steam.

    For more information on Free to Play, please visit

    The URL gave a 404 for a little while but it’s working now.

  6. Here comes the COD noobs! D:

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